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Careers Q&A

Job Application Q&A

Is there an age limit for applying?
There is no age limit. We will make an overall decision on your application by looking at your knowledge, skills, abilities, etc.
Can I still apply even if I don’t have much experience?
You can still apply. We have many employees that have joined us from a wide variety of different work backgrounds.
Can someone who is not a Japanese native apply?
There are no restrictions in terms of nationality.
Are you taking applications for positions other than full-time employees?
Please contact us if you are interested in other positions.
Can I still apply even if I have not graduated from university?
You can still apply.
Do I require any particular qualifications?
There are no mandatory qualifications required.

Screening Q&A

How long is the screening process?
It’s about 2 months long.
Can I still apply even if my application was rejected in the past?
You can still apply.
Are transportation expenses reimbursed?
As per our company rules, you will be reimbursed for the actual transportation expenses incurred.
What kind of questions will I be asked during the interview?
You will mainly be asked about your values and outlook on life, the reason you applied, your work history, what you want to achieve, your future career, etc.
Will you return my resume?
Your resume will be disposed of appropriately according to company rules, however, we will return it to you should you request us to do so.

Joining the Company & Work Style Q&A

Where will I work?
We encourage employees to work remotely. There is no specific place of work.
Once hired, is it possible to adjust the date on which I start work at HAZZ?
We will do our best to adjust the date to suit your request.
Is there a training period?
There is a trial period.(6 months in principle)
Will I have to work overtime?
This depends on the state of work.
Is it possible to commute by car or bike?
This is prohibited by the company rules.
Will I have to work on Saturdays and/or Sundays?
We have a full two-day holiday system and our employees typically do not work on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, but due to work-related reasons, we may sometimes work on holidays with the permission of our supervisor. Work on holidays will be taken off in lieu.

Treatment & Welfare Q&A

How much will my annual salary be?
It depends on your performance. This will be explained in detail when you are formally hired.
Please tell me about the welfare benefits.
You can use WELLBOX, which offers a whole host of welfare options.
Can I take childcare and/or maternity leave?
You can take childcare and maternity leave. Male employees can also take childcare leave. We also offer a nursing care leave system.
Does HAZZ have a reduced working hours system?
We have a reduced working hours system in place for childcare and nursing care.
Does HAZZ have a working-from-home system?
We have a working-from-home system and encourage our employees to work remotely.

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