Measures against COVID-19

Efforts to Prevent
the Spread of COVID-19

At each of our facilities,
we take the following measures from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of infection.

  • Ensuring All Employees
    Wear Masks

    Mask icon
  • Ensuring All Employees
    Wash and Sanitize Their Hands

    Illustration of alcohol disinfection
  • Temperature Checks
    When Arriving at Work andReporting One’s Physical Condition
    before Starting Work

    Illustration of thermometer
Indoor Ventilation
At each of our facilities, windows and doors are opened and closed regularly to allow proper ventilation.
We have also installed CO2 sensors to measure the CO2 concentration within rooms to ensure efficient ventilation.
Regular Sanitization
At each of our facilities, we regularly wipe and sanitize areas that are touched by numerous people.
At our shops showcasing local products, we sanitize products that are tested or tried on by customers.
Ensuring Social Distance
At our shops showcasing local products, we ask our customers to ensure social distancing protocols of keeping about 2 meters apart when queuing for the cash register or browsing on the shop floor.
We are also conscious of maintaining social distance protocols with people at our offices, recording studios, contact centers, and distribution warehouses.
Temperature Checks
We subject staff and performers who come and go from the set and customers who enter our shops for showcasing local products to a temperature check.
All our employees undergo a temperature when arriving at work and before starting work.
Installation of Acrylic Partitions
We have installed acrylic partitions in our offices, contact centers, and distribution warehouses to prevent the risk of droplet infections in which viruses spread through the air by way of coughing and sneezing.
At our shops showcasing local products, we have also installed acrylic partitions at the cash registers to prevent the spread of infection.
Limiting the Number of People on Set
We make it a general rule that only one person can visit the set from each supplier in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Suspending the Displaying of Sample Products in Our Stores
We have suspended the displaying of some sample products in our shops showcasing local products.

Shops Showcasing
Local Products

  • Alcohol photo
  • State of regular disinfection
  • Tester use suppression pop

Recording site

  • State of regular disinfection
  • State of temperature measurement
  • Disinfecting the handle with alcohol

Contact center

  • Inside the call center
  • Acrylic partition installation

Logistics warehouse

  • State of partition installation
  • Acrylic partition installation

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