We conduct our business operations using mainly TV shopping programs, websites, catalogs, direct marketing, and infomercials as our sales channels.
We offer a wide range of products such as cosmetics, supplements, dietary goods, apparel, miscellaneous goods, and groceries.

TV Shopping TV shopping

A TV shopping program produced by Kansai TV HAZZ.We strive to create unique, interesting, and useful TV programs. We produce TV shopping programs such as Kansai TV’s“Mayonaka Ichiba” “Kaimono Seikatsu Honde Nanbo?”as well as one-off special TV shows. We aim to createunique and interesting programs and provide useful and convenient products.

Mayonaka Ichiba- High Heel no Nemurenai Yoru -

Every Friday at AM (Kansai TV)
Every Friday at AM (TSS)
Presenters: Comedy duo “High Heel”
(Ringo & Momoko)

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Mayonaka Ichiba Online Store

Photograph of female manzai combination high heel

Variety TV Shopping Program, “Mayonaka Ichiba - High Heel no Nemurenai Yoru -,” Which Celebrates 25 Years on the Air
A TV shopping program that showcases a wide range of products from the latest cosmetics to gourmet food.
The fact that there is no script makes it different from other TV shopping programs.
There are no rehearsals, with the director suddenly yelling “action.”The comments by the comedy duo, High Heel, who present the show, are all made on the spot. The presenters may ask a question out of the blue, or products given spontaneous discounts.
The people who demonstrate the products, the manufacturers, and the show’s staff are all pumped with adrenaline each time the show goes on the air.
Such a set gives birth to an unpredictable show that will make you laugh, be surprised, and open your eyes to something new. It is a program that everyone can enjoy.

  • Group photo of performers
  • 20th anniversary cake
  • State of the previous theory
  • 850th broadcast commemorative photo
  • Recording
  • Group photo of performers
  • 20th anniversary cake
  • State of the previous theory
  • 850th broadcast commemorative photo
  • Recording

Kaimono Seikatsu Honde Nanbo?

Every Monday to Friday at AM
The “Best Hits” show containing the most popular products is
aired every Saturday from AM(*The time of broadcast is subject to change.)
Host: Kaori Minami

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Online Store

Kaori Minami

A housewives’ must-watch! Once the morning housework is out of the way, kick back and put your feet up before lunch! Take some time for yourself!
As a housewife herself and a voice for women everywhere, Kaori Minami always scrutinizes the products from the customer's perspective and gives you her thoughts through first-hand experience!
From jewelry, home goods, fashion items, cosmetics, and food that you can enjoy just by looking at them, “Kaimono Seikatsu Honde Nanbo?” hopes to make your life more comfortable and enriching through the introduction of various products.
Every day we communicate the value of products that cannot be conveyed just by stacking them on a shelf in a store and present our viewers a wide range of products that are not only well-known but also really good and intriguing products with a backstory as well as viable options that will add value to our viewers.

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  • Introducing the bed
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  • Watching demonstration sales
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Special TV Programs

Introducing in greater detail than usual the best-selling products of Kansai TV HAZZ,
which are showcased on TV shopping programs such as
“Mayonaka Ichiba - High Heel no Nemurenai Yoru” and “Kaimono Seikatsu Honde Nanbo?”
One of the things that makes this program great is seeing the reaction of the celebrity while trying to answer the question in your head, ‘So, what’s so special about that product?’
Expect bargain prices that you’ll only get on our special TV programs.

Website Web site

A website where you can order goods and original products introduced on TV shopping programs and in catalogs produced by Kansai TV HAZZ.
We post program announcements and company information, send out promotions and information on great deals via our e-mail magazine, blog, and social media, and sell products that are only available only.
We make your shopping experience more convenient and provide accurate and easy-to-understand information.

Kansai TV Shopping

Official Social Media Accounts
of Kansai TV Shopping

  • instagram

    We provide information from Kansai TV Shopping and show you how to use products that we could not demonstrate fully on our website!
    Our original character “Nekotama” also pops up!

  • twitter

    We idly tweet about the products broadcast on “High Heel no Mayonaka Ichiba” and “Kaimono Seikatsu Honde Nanbo?”
    We also tweet short seasonal stories and anecdotes.

  • facebook

    Our Facebook account delivers a wide range of information such as about Kansai TV Shopping and our programs.
    There might just be some backstage gossip!

  • line

    We regularly deliver information about our shows!
    Following our LINE account is very convenient because you can check information on promotions and special features immediately.
    Register to get great deals such as exclusive LINE coupons!

  • blog

    We post information such as product guides and reviews by category as well as rankings of recommended products. If you want to know more about our products, be sure to check out our blog!

Catalogs & Direct Marketing Catalog / DM

We publish a catalog that is tailored to your lifestyle four times a year
We provide information on bargains that will put a smile on your face via DMs and digital flyers.
The products we introduce are selected especially to help women stay beautiful,
live comfortably, and be healthy.
In production, we aim to align ourselves closely with how our customers feel and provide them
with something that gets them super excited when it arrives.
We will continue to deliver catalogs and DMs that meet your needs with products and information that make your shopping experience an enjoyable one.


Four times a year we publish a huge range of items
that are tailored to the current seasons and trends.

Direct Marketing

We issue program broadcast announcements and information on bargains on an irregular basis.
We have been awarded the DM Grand Prize multiple times.

Own Brand Products Original Brand

The Hz Straight Repair Series is our original haircare brand.
“Frizzy and unruly hair” are always the biggest concerns regarding women's hair, such as not being able to set your hairstyle the way you want it or expected or not being able to contain it, with hair shooting out in all different directions.
Surprisingly, however, there are not many haircare products that focus on this problem.
The starting point for our Hz Straight Repair Series was the idea that ‘Wouldn’t lots of women be happy if there was a product that could treat frizzy and unruly hair through day-to-day treatment?’
We provide premium haircare that brings out the vibrant beauty of your hair, making your hair seemingly endlessly straight and shiny.

Origins of the Brand Name

Health & Beauty for Everyone”
- We incorporated this passion (zeal) into our brand name.
We offer endless possibilities for beauty.

Beautiful long hair woman photo
Products of Hz straight repair series

Original Products
for TV Shopping
TV shopping Original

Based on our experience and track record developed through many years of working in TV shopping,
we introduce and sell products that meet the needs of our customers as original products on TV.

Futae Beauté

Double-edged eyelid make-up and eye shadow are
brought to life in a single product!
A simple and natural way to make your eyes look gorgeous.

It is a foldable type that does not adhere, meaning you can naturally apply double-edged eyelid make-up and blink normally!
No tar-based pigments are used, and its distinctive pearl formulation makes your eyes look stunning.
Beauty moisturizing ingredients “hyaluronic acid,” “Lipidure ®,” and “hydrolyzed collagen” are blended to moisturize and care for the area below your eyes. It uses a “Fit Tip” that fits your eyelids and is less likely to cause uneven application.

Eye Patch

Authentic care made simple for those
who want to be beautiful all the time but have a busy schedule

Unlike cotton sheets, it feels like it sticks to your skin the moment it comes into contact with it. It fits snugly, meaning you can do household chores with it on. When you have your feet up, it’s so comfortable you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.
Also, as it is a targeted care mask, you can apply it not only to below your eyes but also to any area you like such as your forehead, smile lines, mouth, neck, or decollete (the area from your neck to your chest).
The moisturizing gel sheet sticks firmly to anywhere you put it to deliver the serum to the very depths of your skin.
Apply this product to your entire face once a week. Experience the ultimate in skincare.

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