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HAZZ in Numbers

About HAZZ


January 6,

Number of



Men 33 %
Women 67 %

Average Age

43.9 years old


No. of Staff in Each Department

  • Mail Order Business Division
  • Creative Business Division
  • Business Management Division

Percentage of Paid
Vacation Taken

100 %

Percentage of Adopting
Remote Work

100 %

Percentage of Returning to Work
After Maternity Leave or
Childcare Leave

100 %

Employee Questionnaire

Q.1What made you choose HAZZ?

Comments from Employees

  • Because it’s a company that produces a program that I had seen on TV, and so that grabbed my interest.
  • Because I can work in a way that values a good work-life balance and the job description also sounded fascinating.
  • Because I can do large-scale work and contribute a lot to society.

Q.2What did you do before you joined HAZZ?

  • Service industry(Sales at an apparel company and web-related work・Rental company・Real estate・Cosmetics company・Salesperson)
  • Admin/Backoffice work(Accounting-related work)
  • Same industry(Mail order company)
  • Sales(Recruiting company)
  • Housewife
  • Student
  • Other(Aviation industry・Hairdresser)

Q.3What is the culture at HAZZ like?

  • You can test yourself in areas you want to work!
  • HAZZ values taking the initiative.
  • It’s a corporate culture that values the opinions of its employees and staff are not isolated.
  • HAZZ has an open corporate culture where employees get along well with each other and the company has a work environment where everyone can say what they want regardless of their position.
  • I think HAZZ offers an environment where not only experienced veterans but also young employees can take the initiative and show what they are made of.

Q.4What types of employees are there a lot of at HAZZ?

Comments from Employees

  • There are lots of kind, ditzy employees at HAZZ.
  • There are many calm and very considerate employees.
  • I feel there are many people here who stand in the face of adversity.

Q.5What do you like about HAZZ?

Comments from Employees

  • The fact that I have lots of freedom and the company backs me in taking on new challenges.
  • The fact that it values what its employees think.
  • The fact that it values communication within the company.
  • It’s a company that listens to a lot of different opinions
  • There is little hesitation in starting new projects and the like.
  • The fact that the company quickly puts into action what it can do.
  • There are many people here who are very unique, and there are also people who are quite ditzy. Lots of fun and laughs can be had just by chatting.
  • The company is involved in a variety of industries, so you get to hear all kinds of hot topics.

Q.6What do you value in your work?

  • Having a strong will such as asking myself what I should do and what I want to do.
  • I set about my work every day with the thought that my job is only possible with the power of the people (company) around me.
  • Keeping notes. I try not to rely on my memory, which is declining as the years go by, or trust myself too much.
  • I work by wondering about what our clients and customers think, rather than focusing on myself.
  • I focus on helping others and working together with my colleagues.
  • Constantly communicating with those around me.

Q.7What new challenges do you want to take on in the future?

Comments from Employees

  • Starting a new business outside of the mail-order business
  • Coming up with new products and increase sales of our existing products
  • Sales promotion efforts such as using social media
  • I want to offer new services that can contribute to society
  • They are still a lot of things that we “should do” in anticipation of the future. While we should keep pushing forward with each and every effort, I want to make HAZZ a company that one can be proud of and is praised by those around us as well as our families.
  • To create a company atmosphere and brand that makes young people want to join the company and work here for their whole career.
  • New marketing practices using customer analytics

Q.8What are your hobbies?

Other Comments
  • Taking photos
  • Being outdoors
  • Watching comedy
  • Going to the theater
  • Sewing

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